Guide to Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation: Chinese vs. Lunar New Year

There's been lots of marketing for "Chinese" new year and "Lunar" new year - let's break down how this difference gives an insight into cultural appropriation versus appreciation.

Food PR Predictions for 2020: All In on the Environment

I've seen a lot of lists for predictions for food industry trends as well as what the latest press releases have been focusing in on, and I thought I would break down what I saw.

Update: Fresh Start

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying the content I've been writing, it's been such a pleasure writing with a different perspective in mind. Usually, I write from a personal narrative angle but when my prof (Thanks Prof. Munther!) made keeping up this blog my assignment for term, it really forced me to grow and … Continue reading Update: Fresh Start

When Food Critiques become Straight Racist…

It started with an innocent enough Tweet, yet somehow spiraled into people exposing themselves to be, how do I put it gently... No, I can't, they were just Straight Racist. I call it how I see it - plus it's a great opportunity to show you how to write potentially Here's how it began: Captured … Continue reading When Food Critiques become Straight Racist…

Politics and Poultry: Navigating Chick-fil-A’s Messy Debacle

So Chick-fil-A is no longer donating to anti-LBGTQ organizations... what's up with the public spectacle about their decision? What does it mean for the relationship between the company and its consumers? Don't worry - I have the breakdown for you.

Food Porn: Too Much Overindulgence?

The phenomenon of posting absurd amounts of food being made or about to be devoured - “Food Porn,” as the kids call it – seems innocent enough… but is it ethical to profit and promote excess and overindulgence?

The K-Cup Conundrum

Coming to terms with how Keurig was confronted by their K-cup controversy: are their environmental promises even worth keeping in check?

From Devastation to Finding Smart Food Solutions

There is nothing more comforting than some food when you need it most. For me, I don't think anything more scary of an issue to face - regardless of age or location - is food scarcity. This issue becomes more prevalent every year due to the severity of climate change's impact on the environment, specifically … Continue reading From Devastation to Finding Smart Food Solutions